About the artist

Stephen Dolmatch lives and works in New York. He has focused for many years on the urban and industrial landscape, working in mostly water-based media, such as gouache and watercolor. His most recent body of work is digitally based, though he is continuing to paint in traditional media, including oils and acrylic. Whether representational or abstract, his work emphasizes the beauty of light, color and geometry in landscape and displays his inspiration by photography.

Gerrard Haggerty wrote in ARTnews that “Dolmatch’s elegant gouaches have something in common with the oils of Charles Sheeler. . . . Dolmatch’s highways, street corners, and industrial artifacts project a distinctly utopian aspect, and the way that he uses gouache reminds us that there is moisture in the air.”

Barbara Ball Buff of the Museum of the City of New York wrote, “From the precisionist painters and photographers of the early twentieth century, through later decades of abstraction and subsequent hard-edged realism, Dolmatch abetted by his own abstract vision, has distilled his own compelling version of the painted response to photography.”

Nord Wennerstrom wrote in The American that Dolmatch “works from an extensive body of photographs, and his style resembles Sheeler’s precisionism. Dolmatch uses a cool, subdued palette and has been rendering crisp, quietly dramatic urban and industrial landscapes of New York and New Jersey for more than 20 years. He focuses on the design elements of a subject rather than its physicality.”